Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If you have been wondering on the title and the pictures of this post, well it has nothing to do about modeling or a fashion show that I attended to. -No I tell you not at all.
This is just pure

I'm having a hard time now choosing what to wear for today's washday. Well this dilemma is not new to me, this is my never ending dilemma ever since. I am currently stocked now with my old items, and they seem to be calling my name, saying hey Jaen pick me.
And looking at them now in front of me has caused me severe headache. I needed to pick my choice now or else I will be late for my class this afternoon.

I only have one hour left to decide which of these items will reign the crown. Haha parang pageant lang?... 
 So I need to get some inspiration now before everything gets ruin. And the only thing I know is to search from the internet and try to grab some inspiration out from there. Thanks to this technology it saves my day.

photos above are from

So now, do you already have an idea what items i pick?

PS: if you are my classmate or schoolmate and you'll see me around the campus, please let me know if i made the right choice. haha


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  1. I am always ahead of time whenever I have plans, for example when I have to go out on Friday, I choose my clothes 2 days before the day but when the day comes I still have a lot of problems because I am not satisfied with the clothes that I chose. =)) I want my outfit to be unique but sometimes I end up wearing jeans and a simple shirt. I hope someday I would totally come out of the box! Anyway I hope you can check my blog as well! Take care and keep on smiling



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