Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Denim top: DIY, Printed pants: Thrifted, Chain necklace: tomliz
Photos taken last year during a friend's birthday party

It was now 11:20 pm in the clock, and I've already spent 3 hours facing this voiceless monitor, gathering write ups, concluding ideas, reading different articles and the list of nonsense things goes on. If only this monitor could speak up it'll probably would tell me to go home and sleep instead of spending time to waste. 

I know i'm not being productive but there is one thing i know, I'm now desperate! You know the feeling when you push yourself to do something to come up with something but you can't make it because your creative juices is not flowing and you have been stocked up on a blank sheet for hours without something to write?, It was like waiting for meteors in the afternoon which is very much impossible. Okay I'm exaggerating! but that was what I feel and it's killing me now like hell. I know blogger was not created for someone to rant nor for someone to burst out his emotions. Blogger have already put up it's credibility over years and I just ruin that reputation of them. But it's okay it's my own blog after all haha.  Okay, I have to leave now and go back from what I'm doing. I just need to burst out this irritating feeling I have inside. Sorry and Good night to everyone! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Six days to go, to be exact to hit 4months of inconsistent blog post. For such a long time I was out doing the usual thing, a thing that I once had been hooked up with. I prefer not to elaborate anymore the reasons of my long gone since it’s irrational. To tell you honestly I missed doing that thing and almost everyday I longed to be back from where I started. So let’s treat this day as my comeback hoping for your warm acceptance again.

For now this is the only thing I can leave to you. An OOTD I took during school washday a few weeks ago…

(Button Down- thifted, Pants- Dept, Watch- Mags)
Photos By: Deo Eloi Cui

Friday, March 22, 2013


Today marks the start of our summer vacation in school! And I couldn't be any happier about the fact that I can now sleep anytime of the day. Yes! I take sleep a big deal really big. Maybe because I was deprived by the privileged of having such lately. Speaking of summer vacation I can’t wait anymore for the summer to officially arrive. Why? Well Because of beaches/outings that are being line up lately. I even heard some plans of having reunion with my high school friends and I can’t wait for it to happen. Anyway let’s talk about the outfit, shall we? This is what I wore on the last wash day look. I played with all neutral instead of playing with pastels and neon's, since coming up on such ensemble was something new to me so why not give it try. Another new to the ensemble was the shoes, Have you noticed it? It's actually a newest thrifted finds I got lately,I've been eyeing on this shoes for the longest time now so imagine my happiness the moment I got it on hand. yay! :) what do you think about the outfit? I love to hear your comments.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


 (jumper: thrifted, Sunnies: Chanel, accessories: tomliz & Gmall)

Photos by: Deo EloiCui


Making this post short and quick, maybe by the time you're reading this I was out for a birthday celebration where I sinfully committing myself from gluttony. haha


Today's outfit post was nothing but basic! I just played safe today thinking of not sacrificing from comfort. Hence creating such ensemble was the easiest way to do. I Opt for an over-sized custard jumper which I got from a thrift shop a year ago. This jumper of mine is by far the most comfortable of all the jumpers I had and the fact it can easily paired with anything in my closet makes it a winner item! I actually wore this several times ago (but failed to blog, sorry to say that!) Then paired it with a Jeg-gings (I dont know the exact term) ,overly used thrifted leatherette flats and laptop case bag that belong in one color palette- black! And To complete the whole look I added a touch of blue accessories to add some character into the whole ensemble! What do you think?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Hey, how are you guys? Sorry for the long hiatus post. I’ve been swamped with school works and exams lately which actually the cause to blame why I can’t update this baby of mine. We are now actually on the peak of our finals where projects and assignments are made in a rush just to reach the schedule of the submission. In fact as I am writing this post I’m actually making my portfolio for my field study subject! Gah! stressing, Aren’t you also feeling the same way? Anyway making this post short and quick I just wanted to update you guys on what’s keeping me busy lately even if you’re interested to. Haha


Hope you’re having a great Tuesday morning

Take care :)

Friday, February 01, 2013

How many have you loved?

It’s the first day of February! The beginning mark of love month. Can you feel the love in the air already? How was that going out there? In here, aside from the cool breeze of the air conditions over my area which actually make me feel “kilig to the bones” (literally & figuratively) nothing seems to be special. Love has not yet arrived in here though I’m hoping but that’s sound so impossible. Anyway in relation to the drama above I’m sharing to you a cute video I found on Youtube couple of days ago. This is a perfect video for those who are extremely in love with their special someone and for those who are Hopeless Romantic kind of person like me this video is perfect for you. For us actually! Hope you stay in love and be inspired by this one!

Spread the love.  
 Happy hearts month!

i love you my AWESOME readers!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer laidback

(oversized tee: thirfted, pants chinatown, espadrilles bought around sidewalk, dream cather from Baguio gift from a friend, 2 pieces bracelets Bomo) Photos by: Deo eloicui

I know this post is very late already but I’m giving it a heck now believing it’s still worth sharing. (Haha I hope so!)

This photo was taken way back summer of 2012 so before it will take its first Birthday here I’m releasing it now to you. See? Aren’t you also hate the thought of keeping back log photos over your draft? *sigh

I will no longer elaborate on what happen during the day I wore it, because honestly I forget everything already. Basically when its summer it is very evident that the sun is scorching hot in the morning which explains the wearing of light materials. In this case an oversized thrifted tee, a silk pants and a pair of espadrilles is a good source of comfort perfect for lazy-casual look which can be done in less than 5mins. 

Simple pieces+simple style= Good comfort

I hope your loving the look!

Ps: for those who are wondering why dyed my mane like this. I wonder it also. I can't explain but I know I look stupid! :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Why should I have to learn?

There were so many things I want to share right now. Things that bombarded me and Thoughts that keeps on ranting around. This is been the third time already that I experience this in my 20 years of existence here on earth. 3rd time but have brought so much worst in my whole being.

I accept that I’m really a drama type of person which translates in every entry I post here. There’s always that certain drama behind and I guess it will forever be there. However this might be one of the most emotional of my entire drama scene. I hope you will forgive me for sharing this… I just don’t know how to handle the pain, the loss of this emotional drainage.

From the usual 6:30am when the alarm starts to chase my eardrums I woke up this morning having these heavy feelings. It was more on a mixed of emotions I say, there’s anguish, pain, hurt, regrets, sorrow that tranquil in my whole system. Hence I ditch in my morning class just because of it. I don’t know! But the pains affect me so much. So much that i don't already feel the pain. -I became numb! I feel like a balloon floating in the air. A radio playing in muted music. I maybe sound exaggerated now but it’s true so I pleased to pardon you with this emotional baggage.

I don’t think of anyone to share this emotional stress I’m going through, a friend is not what I need this time but an open world to understand what I’m going through. Sympathy will not make me feel okay. All I need is a space a silent world free from others scrutiny and judgment. I found the cyber world’s comfort so I choose to blog about this!

Soon as I reach school this morning, i sat down in our e-library and decided to blog about it. It is because of someone I consider a loss in my life I loss him a day ago. Not a family member you thought but someone special in me. Someone special that dig a deep hole in my heart and left without occupying the space. He left me for nothing what’s worst is that he left me hanging. He left me which i guessed was for good though he didn't tell me straight but i hint he did for me not to expect anything. I know i should not put the blame only to him but to myself as well. My fault for expecting more than what is supposed to be expected. I did not learn my lesson for the 3rd time. I know! I'm stupid. yes i admit it.

Regret is not the word to describe it but rather it’s self-inflicted. I realized that there’s no one to blame the fault but me. That I should not accused someone for not giving me the love and attention I needed. I have to stop blaming people. I know I should be the one to carry all the credits. If only from the beginning I took extra careful, then none of this will happen. But I’m no regret about it somewhere in between the tides are lesson learned. I may not choose the best option before but through this experienced i learned so many lessons which became my basis of love in the future. I may not experienced that fairytale love ending story but hey this will not stop me from looking for the prince charming. haha please don't judge me for this!

I feel relieve now. I guess i already let it all out! I have to go now and attend for my next class :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bring me back to normal

Denim:  DIY
Red pants: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Round sunnies: borrowed from friend
Necklace: Tomliz

Photos by: Deo eloicui

Blogging gets harder and harder for me to sustain lately. They’re times I spent an hour or two just by merely looking at the monitor trying to squeeze a zest of creative juices just to post something decent and relevant. Plus to some additional factors which hinders my way to blog. I would be lying to you if sometimes thinking of giving up for blogging never crossed on mind. -It did actually! Most of the time. But on a later end of the road something tells me not to do so. In that incident I lean towards inspirations.  -That they’re a lot of people (readers) waiting for my every entry to be publish. That in every kind words from people i get may it be in a form of comments or through personal sharing is something like a multivitamins that supplements and complete my day. That alone are enough already why I should continue in this business and aim for something more. (Okay enough about the drama. I sound cliché already)

Can I be honest? I don’t really know how to relate the outfit from the writings I’ve mention above. The only thing I Find common between the two is that I am becoming lazy lately.

Lazy to update this blog and lazy to take outfit shots. Hence to style! 


Ps: I’m still trying to bring back my sense to normal.


Hope you like the look!

Saturday, January 05, 2013


6 days have passed already and I totally bid goodbye for 2012. Now I welcomed 2013 with full hopes and great positive outlook in life. Now I want to concentrate more on the things that made me happy and not on the things that will make me feel sad. I will Forget all the pains that the previous year have brought me and to people that caused me aches before. I’ve finally forgiven you.BTW! And to all people whom I shared a life sucking year 2012. Thank you from the bottom pit of my heart! Cheers for the next 359 days remaining of fun and whirlwind emotions.

I’ve been missing in action for a while and I missed myself put into words. Sounds cliché huh? Aside from having positive perspectives this year. What I also look forward is having my first ever new year’s resolutions!!! Take note first ever with 3 exclamations after. Laugh me for having these late on dream list resolutions. To be honest I’m not a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. To me creating a such is terrible! Okay, (caught me) I’m quite lying. I tried having a sort of resolutions back then when i was a bit younger but it didn’t really work. Maybe enough for weeks though but not for whole year. I guess creating it such was a bit useless (on my part!) but fun enough to excite me! hehe. Honestly I was a bit lousy to accomplish a such list! But I guess time has change. now that I’m 20 and already matured enough to handle life and all its sorts i think now is the right time to make changes and venture into something thrilling. Will it be big or small as long as there’s changes its fine. After all it’s just merely resolutions we are still the one responsible to accomplish it. NOT anyone but you!

Here are some of changes I want to accomplish this year.

First on the list is...

1.     To purchase a book and to read more!

2.     Earn money

it will be more advantageous on my part if i get a job through blogging. Ahem! any sponsor out there? haha

3.     Be thrifty!!!

4.     Write more. I mean blog often
will do my best! fingers cross*

5.     Lessen sugar intake. I’ll try!

6.     Buy 2 gadgets within a year.

Never too late to have them!

7.     Focus more on studies... lessen extracurricular activities such as gimmicks, parties etc.

Promise to go back on the Dean's Lister list this sem!

8.     Sleep more...

9.     Buy a lover! I mean find a lover. Haha ♥

There it is! My simple dream to do 2013 list nothing too impossible or fancy to attain, except for number 6.  I hope to accomplish everything.

looking forward for 2013!

To end this post here's a song from Bruno Mars entitled 
Today My Life Begins.Enjoy :)