Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yelling Yellow

TOP - (THRIFTED ), Denim pants - (H&M), Shoes - (Espadrilles)
Accessories - (Tomliz thrift store)

I woke up today having a lazy attitude I didn't want to go to school and attend the bringing program for the English majors students and that evidently affects the mood of my outfit for today
-what I grabbed from the closet is my plain yellow top from, UNI QLO clothing and paired it with my denim pants from H&M and to accentuate the overall look i paired it with a silver kinda rock star bracelet from the cheap store...


Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

Plain Top - Bench, Pants - thrift
Bags - thrift, Accessories - | watch | AVON others, TOMLIZ accessories

I  went school yesterday and this is what I wore ... 
 I'm having a hard time capturing my outfit since nobody will accompany me in taking shots for it so i did it for myself alone.
good thing i found a mirror at the corner so i take the shots :) 


                                              Here's some of the shoots of our silly shooty ...

                                                                 - FIMP -