Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Denim top: DIY, Printed pants: Thrifted, Chain necklace: tomliz
Photos taken last year during a friend's birthday party

It was now 11:20 pm in the clock, and I've already spent 3 hours facing this voiceless monitor, gathering write ups, concluding ideas, reading different articles and the list of nonsense things goes on. If only this monitor could speak up it'll probably would tell me to go home and sleep instead of spending time to waste. 

I know i'm not being productive but there is one thing i know, I'm now desperate! You know the feeling when you push yourself to do something to come up with something but you can't make it because your creative juices is not flowing and you have been stocked up on a blank sheet for hours without something to write?, It was like waiting for meteors in the afternoon which is very much impossible. Okay I'm exaggerating! but that was what I feel and it's killing me now like hell. I know blogger was not created for someone to rant nor for someone to burst out his emotions. Blogger have already put up it's credibility over years and I just ruin that reputation of them. But it's okay it's my own blog after all haha.  Okay, I have to leave now and go back from what I'm doing. I just need to burst out this irritating feeling I have inside. Sorry and Good night to everyone! :)