Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012


It was Sunday then when I think of something to be done, (in short I got bored) I think of another to experiment and this time with my Old polo (I bought the polo 4years ago from a department store in one of the malls in Davao) I forgot how much I bought it, anyway it is just another cheap Item that I bought in the olden times before! Haha

As for the process on how to do it, well it’s as simple as what the title declared it, “SIMPLY DO-IT-YOURSELF” no need for any equipment's Just a pair of scissors and it's ready to go, haha so for this project I decided to cut off the sleeves on both sides to make it a sleeveless polo and viola! another D.I.Y project is done, so what do you think? did you like it??

xx right after the experiment I wore it eventually then paired it with my first D.I.Y studded denim ,
it looks good and it actually very comfy. Haha xx

this time I will take it to the next level!!! 
to give you an idea I will be making an OMBRE denim jacket! so watch out for that.haha


Friday, June 22, 2012

Obsessed By Aztecs

 Lovely socks <3


The title speaks for what this post is all about, I’ve been obsessed with Aztec design lately,  
before I don’t have any know how about Aztecs but because of the influenced of a fashion 
blogger named cheyser I got obsessed with it and still obsessely fan of Aztec as of the moment. haha due to my obsession I browse over the net and try to search for Aztec designs- good thing TOPMAN has a lot of stuff to offer from the hoody jackets to denim, tank tops, shorts, chino pants, socks, briefs that are tempting, accessories? they got them all, from top to bottom topman has a lot to offer. (topman should sponsor me because I advertise their products.haha kidding) 
 and while viewing it my heart stopped beating- oh my gosh the design are so amazing! love it(more that I obsessed with it)

I love how the details are combined,  surely will have these items soon.

PS: the photos seen in this post are not my property photo, I got it from TOPMAN (click here) to see other designs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

D I Y (Studded DENIM)

First of all i just wanted to extend my apology to all my followers for being not so updated lately.  I’ve been too lazy this past few weeks feel sorry about it. And I would like also to take this chance to express my heartfelt  THANK YOU’S TO ALL  who took their time to comment regarding my previous post entitled “newest” I just want you to know that I appreciate and feel  very flattered with all of your kind and flattering words to me. 
Thank you so much it really means a lot.

Anyway a new post is here for you to read, haha and here it is i hope you like it!
old denim that I have

I used my old studded bracelets to accessorized my denim

on the process in making my D.I.Y studded denim. in three, action!!haha



 It was my first time to make a D.I.Y  fash items and probably not the last, my knowledge about D.I.Y started by the influenced of my friend Deo. At first i was so hesitant to try it not because i am not opened about it but simply because i don't have much creativity compare to him. but i guess when curiosity starts to bother , you  have no way to escape but simply go with the flow. It took a while for me to make it because at the very last minute i still feel hesitant to make one thinking maybe of the bad results. honestly I had to watch videos first on "Youtube" before i could start making this D.I.Y studded denim vest of mine.  Perhaps the videos are may driving force why i able to make this D .I.Y denim. haha

and after hours of thorough planning finally I decided to start my own DIY fash mullet vest. this time I'm sure with my decision.haha...  I used my old studded bracelet to accessorized my denim, see I am so clever when it comes in resources because I believe that their is no need for us to spend to much only if we will make use of our own creative skills and be resourceful, i think the result is the evident for it, haha

talking about the steps on how to make it are so easy it is like pushing a bunch of thumbtacks  on the wall. that's how easy it was in vernacular language "chicken" "sisiw" "no sweat" and etc. and once it finally done you will be surprise of the results of your labor very stylish and unique. though it is simple but that's not how it should matter. what matters is I exert effort and make used of my own creativity and that to me is an achievement.

so that's how my first D.I.Y studded vest was made. 
guarantee you that this will not be the last. 
so watch out for more.

I hope you get inspired to make your own D.I.Y items...
(as i was inspired before)

 so grab those old items that you have and create your own D.I.Y items.
have fun :)


Friday, June 01, 2012

. Newest

 bought this for only Php. 150.00
 price at Php150.00 only

 xx Newest stuff to watch out for xx
very affordable comes in friendly prices, all are thrifted
deceiving right?? so don't you ever underestimate thrift items because they can over power your branded items.