Friday, September 28, 2012


Everyone pardon for a long pause, I promise that by the end of this semester I will try my best to update this blog more often. School is so busy, projects are in a rush, and final exam is fast approaching. For the M-Time let me entertain you by this new blog entry. Here’s a thing, this blog post is compose of two separate entries (outfit post and The TWRxMcdo blowout party) to avoid you from misconceptions later on. For the first entry (outfit post). Here’s what I wore during the TWR x Mcdo blowout party. I opted to wear something refreshing, something eye catching which a friend advice me do. I needed to consult from a friend opinion with regards to my outfit not because i don’t trust my own personal style but I just wanted to get others idea because sometimes we also need to listen from other people’s own perspective. Choosing to wear both pieces of neon's colors are two perfect combi. For the look that is eye catching and refreshing but not to dull and not too bold. I also added a mix of dark color like wearing this black cardigan to break the look from looking very bright. Maybe you are deceive by the cardigan its not actually a blazer, as others think it was. I also deceive by the cardigan the first time i saw it. To add details on the look I choose to wear minimal accessories. what is extinct about the addition of accessories is the choice of using an envelop bag instead of a bag. What’s good about the envelop bag is that it was made from synthetic leather so weather it rains or it shines no need to worry about is getting wet.
What do you think?-fimp