Monday, May 28, 2012

20th Anniversary ♥

Before I start my litany or say my emotional speech, allow me first to tell you a story,
 even if your not interested to listen. Haha 

 Okay? So it goes like this, I went school today to enroll for the next school semester and talking about enrollment Would tantamount for being busy and of course what else to expect  but a crowded folks coming and infinite line [formation],  - tiring ...

I arrived school at 10am together with my friend and co-blogger deoeloiThe Urban Fancier which too has to be enroll.

The enrolment procedure was change (They’ve been trying to organized things) and in fairness to them they succeed but still have lots of things subject to be improved, - still their were unattended complaints  taken for granted. Because of the uncounted students eager to be enroll priority numbers are distributed accordingly, 
( i got mine at #3657-too far, but have no choice but to suffer)

So okay? @ 2:30pm finally i was called, the print-out copy of my schedules was at hand!!! After spending hours of agonizing, finally I was officially enrolled.

 To be honest I was’nt satisfied about  my schedule for this semester, the subjects that i suppose to get was not accomplished. Though i have to accept the fate. Haha . so that is my boring/nonsense story for today. I hope your liking it. (verb)

pardon the vagueness of the photo, it was hidden for many years inside the cabin. haha

This 28th of May my parents celebrated their 20th Anniversary in marriage. It was at this date when they first renewed their vows and promise to love each other through thick and thin, in bad times and in good times, for richer and for poorer in sickness and in health until death to them apart. And as a child i was very proud and happy for both of them, i know that being in the marriage for 20 years was a bitter-sweet relationship. Over the past 20 years they have been through rough and smooth relationship together and I witnessed all of those.

 I witnessed how my parents strive and fought for their relationship and stayed together no matter how painful and challenging life sometimes, still they manage to keep the love and most especially the respect for one another. I know that my parents is not a perfect parents anyone could ask for but i will never gamble or exchange someone over them. Over the years we’ve shared together, we too have gone through rocky years, we too have our misunderstanding and short comings in life as what any normal family could have gone through, but ours was the most unique one and I could say that because of these we become stronger and closer 
to each other.

 I have to thank God for giving me a one of a kind parents, 
and to my mama and papa CONGRATULATIONS for the 20 years of roller-coaster ride relationship together may the 20 more years be yours - ours to shared.

I love you <3


Friday, May 25, 2012

Mimic Gaga

Never missed a single day without doing nonsense stuff at night (sounds weird i know ) 
- but I'm happy doing it
  and these even become part of my hobbies, my mom always told me that I look so stupid, and crazy and every time she utter those words i always give her " May nakaka-lokong tawa" haha

-It was last Monday 21st of May when everyone is dying to protest LADY GAGA's monster ball concert because of her controversial JUDAS video that made the religious sectors and congregations expressed their refusal to Gaga's concert here in the country, and even tried to asked people to boycott the upcoming concert. - but these issue could not stop all the die hard fan and loyalest of gaga to buy tickets and watch the Pop Diva's perform live on stage 
- including me! 

To make things clear I wasn't  there in the concert, hello? the tickets are so expensive
 (I'm not that rich to afford it) but in the lieu of all of these my support was present, 

And as a sign to show my support , I tried to "mimic gaga" and since GAGA is known for her exaggerated, over dressed outfits. [and i was so sad because i don't have any of those] 

- but luckily because of my wildest imagination, I sighted a  trash bag which I made an 
Avant-garde COSTUME! haha Crazy right? 
AND I WAS SO HAPPY because  I come up [if not] half of the gaga's peg! - 
(shallow happiness)

and above all , Even if i wasn't there in the concert together with the thousands of fan's shouting and screaming  for gaga, I am still very happy for her, gaga indeed was an inspiration for all who appreciates her music and talent, we should not judge her and gave our fuss statement 

-because  behind those nasty videos are the real persona of a true talent, a girl once live by her dreams in the person of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta  also known as

- FIMP -

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party Rock


Khaki pants and blue top when combine will create a good combination – I never think of anything to paired up with a khaki except for blue and black. 

And who I am not to follow in the bandwagon!? 
– khaki is in trend now, HELLO?? haha

In my previous post I’ve been wearing khaki pants, and it is the same khaki that I’m wearing now I actually bought this from a thrift store and do a major repair on it and since then I love wearing it – comfy!

To be honest the outfit was actually copied or I say- was inspired  by Mr. Vhong Navarro.
 I don’t know if your fan of watching showtime  but at that time when I was watching the show 
I got the idea from vhong’s outfit. 
And this is what I applied in my outfit during the day

 Luckily I have a blue thrift top mullet –
so the idea was actually made possible! –and viola .


Young-wild and Free (bonding)

@ Edong's Resto - dinner
photos photograph by : The waiter!
Maricris and Deo

xhermae and I
carissa ♥
brush up - say cheese 

Maricris - singing like there's no tomorrow 
MIC 1 KTV - moments
 the duets -
who's this? - not me! haha
the lyrics -
 so real happiness! 
give me a shot -

ZIGUDO BAR - Torres street

Last May 16th our dear friend Geohar visited Davao City before leaving to Europe – his been doing it every year probably every summer when his contract expires he always see to it that he will have at least 3 to 4 days vacation here in Davao. And every time his here we always let him feel  our warmed welcome and this is the only time that we gathered after a long years of not being together.
This year was one the most memorable one for me because the last time I wasn’t able to come (I missed the happenings! ) because of some unwanted life changing event  (haha)  so for this time I kept it sure that my presence is highly noticeable – this time around I will not missed any of the happenings  …

I will tell you the details in caption

☼ first we meet @ our fave place
 (what else is new- but Gmall this time @ Figaro the peak) 

☼after getting tired for taking pictures we went for an early dinner
 @ Edong’s Resto! Near Gmall 
(walking while going to the place) – again picture2x!

☼finally got into the place … 
while waiting for our food – chit chats! How are you questions are the topics – 
finally eating time! Yum

☼after taking dinner we went to MIC KTV bar – 
videoke session (much picture2x)

☼after spending an hour in the ktv bar which cost Php 125.00/hr. 
some decided to go home (few of us left including me)

☼undecided to go for  a gimik – so we go somewhere else.

☼the somewhere else mullet thing ended @ pepa park!
 (tired of walking lets seat please!)
 – reminiscing, talking of none sense stuff, laughing, running?? 
 they hide my shoes and throw it back and forth! (cute very high school) 

in times like this you will feel going back to the old times 
in times when your too immature of thing around you – no inhibitions in life! 
Freedom for yourself and selfless things occurs – ohhhhhh emo

☼anyway  to continue the story –
10pm and it is the perfect time to gimik! (party starts! Yeay)  

To be honest this is my first time to gimik! 
 but not first time to drink
 – I love the feelings, I feel free – I feel got out into my cage (awkward)
5 rounds of RH and I’m tipsy .

 I want more! But sad to say I have to go home! 
mom keeps on texting! (where the hell am I? haha) okay, enough for now 
– Exit frame !

-And lastly I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU guys 
for all your flattering words and loving support - 
since the moment I received the good news of being in the DEAN''s LISTER List you guys shown me GREAT love the fact that you are happy for me means so much to me. 
-♥love you all


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The street of awkwardness

Denim vest & polo shirt top -(Thrift), Pants -(H&M used quite often), RED CATERPILLAR Shoes -(FOREVER 21) accessories (Tomliz thrift store)
Photograph by : Deo eloi Cui

Okay, one of the biggest frustrations i had in life was modeling (awkward) Ever since I started building up my wildest dreams and vague goals in life modeling is on top of the list,
but i know in myself i wasn't that qualified - first i don't have the looks, the personality and height
(this is to much! Hurt!!!) haha what I have is only the


and the ever dying believe in myself that I CAN! and no one can stop me. (Disclaimer: statement!)
and I always believe in a famous GAGA song and I Quote
 " I' beautiful in my way co'z God makes no mistake i'm on the right track baby

I guess we have our own different characteristics and uniqueness for each of us - as long as we are happy then no can can stop us. because at the end of the day no one can appreciate us except yourselves! - so do what you want, explore the world and always believe in yourself - have faith :)

- and this is what I did in my very first street photo shoot mullet- 
at first it was very awkward ,people are looking at you (tricycle driver, the passenger, a "stranger") but once you caught their attentions the self esteem i have fuel's up - then I don't bother anymore . Instead it motivates me to keeps me in the [run] to try different strokes of poses - but the mortal enemy of that day was the "AIR" so its not cooperating gosh  its so unmanageable, waiting for the air to blow was frustrating,
 MY hair -I spend 15 MINS just to do it then all of the sudden only air can destroy everything! - terrified! Haha but all in all  I had a blast -so much fun, ( glad I made it ).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Denim All The Way

GOSH! I'm lovvin the bloggin I've been trying blogging since then but I kinda like have a short patience about it,maybe i wasn't that motivated enough to explore it, but  as of today I'm lovvin it thanks for the people who inspires me to try it (to drop some names are laureen uy, david guison, cheyser pedrogosa,camille co and the recent inspiration "aaron" and of course how could i forget the person who inspires me the most my "besh friend" deoeloi who gives me encouragement for all of these) haha this sound like an acknowledgement page in the book?? 

I went school today and this is what i wore-
 in my previous outfits i been wearing plain shirts and pants but to have some changes I decided to wear my old L - SLEEVE POLO SHIRT that i actually bought 2 year ago 
since then I did not wear it because I have a hard time looking for a pair for it good thing i bought this H&M DENIM pants recently, 
and come up a perfect combination of the two 


   this  L - Sleeve polo has its unique reversable style design inside
  If you noticed in my previous post I often used this bag with me but I've been using it handy, 
so for today I used it with a sling on it,
 -yes this bag has its dual purpose usage you can use it either handy or sling depending on your mood for the day
 plus it actually very comfy to use because the bag was actually made from leather...