Friday, June 22, 2012

Obsessed By Aztecs

 Lovely socks <3


The title speaks for what this post is all about, I’ve been obsessed with Aztec design lately,  
before I don’t have any know how about Aztecs but because of the influenced of a fashion 
blogger named cheyser I got obsessed with it and still obsessely fan of Aztec as of the moment. haha due to my obsession I browse over the net and try to search for Aztec designs- good thing TOPMAN has a lot of stuff to offer from the hoody jackets to denim, tank tops, shorts, chino pants, socks, briefs that are tempting, accessories? they got them all, from top to bottom topman has a lot to offer. (topman should sponsor me because I advertise their products.haha kidding) 
 and while viewing it my heart stopped beating- oh my gosh the design are so amazing! love it(more that I obsessed with it)

I love how the details are combined,  surely will have these items soon.

PS: the photos seen in this post are not my property photo, I got it from TOPMAN (click here) to see other designs.