Hi! Everyone my name is Jaen Claude B. Guardanosa. People used to call me in my first name (Jaen, excluded the claude!) I am 20 years old living in Davao City. I study Bachelor in secondary Education major in English. A course that is way different from my interest [fashion] although this would be a perfect platform for me to teach, not with academic lessons but, lessons related to fashion and photography. Haha kidding aside.

I started blogging on May 06, 2012 due to the influenced of my friend who is into blogging a month before me. It’s started as a curiosity that turns into a hobby eventually. I wrote to express my thoughts and to show my passion for fashion. I don’t have any fashion rules; my style is versatile it is unpredictable. I wear depending on my moods. To me comfort is a must; it is the most important thing to consider when it comes to style.

Growing up in a town where fashion is not considered as important as everyday meal. Fashion became an outcast. But my love for clothes never hinders me from doing what i love! I was inspired by run way shows, modelling and beauty contest. I remember growing up I used to mimic the clothes/gowns of others by pretending as the model in the run way and i use our blanket to do that, such a funny thing but that started everything I have now. I Grew up in a very simple and normal lifestyle. No luxury, no silver platter on the table, hence for branded clothes/items. Everything is earned through sweat and blood of my parents. As a normal kid i cannot veer away from jealousy towards other kids who owns nice shoes, expensive clothes and toys. I think its normal for a kid like me, I salute my parents for raising us so well, with respect, dignity and pride. Ohh no I'm starting to build a drama here. haha

Fast forward to now I dream to own a clothing line someday. A line that can benefit everyone, I mean I want to create a clothing line that is prize friendly so that everyone regardless with status can still be able to buy and be fashionable, following every trends on the market. I hope it will happen. *fingers cross* and I start that making this blog of mine. Be in my journey as i take every step of the way. Hope you will enjoy every post I have. :)

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