Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stress Free Sunday

`Been a while since my last blog post, sorry for the compromises, I Know! school stuff got so really hard the last couple of weeks. You don't know how difficult the last semester was. That probably the busiest semester I ever had (well just with the last 4 semester I had). And if I would rate myself in terms of hard work I will definitely give myself a damn excellent rating! confident I know. Good thing I can now free myself from all worries related to school without me minding, projects, assignments, quizzes, reports, recitations, plays, practices and even minding what to wear every washdays of Wednesdays. And so here I am together with my lovely, dearest, besty friend Natashia currently devoting ourselves on a slice of bread and a short mouth watering smooties at StarBucks Abreeza mall. We headed here after we had church, and right after this we're planning to go at Sm lanang Premier. 


you? how do you spend your sunday everyone?take care



  1. MmMmm~ Strabucks is heaven in a cup<3 Love your ring too~


    1. indeed EV :) thank you. and by the way thanks for following me.



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