Friday, October 05, 2012

TWR x Mcdo Blowout Party (2nd part)

 Its not everyday that we get that chance to meet our idols, or say someone that serves as our inspiration. Ever since I started blogging this girl are one of my inspiration, why until today i still continue this business. Her nonchalant, carefree and sometimes party vibe fashion styles has made and remade everyone loved her. Last September 23rd at exactly 2:00pm was the day I have been waiting for. I together with the 15 lucky readers who won the TWR x McDo blowout party were given a once in a life time opportunity to spend an afternoon with the one and the only Queen of Aztecs. TheWalkingRecessionista (TWR) herself Cheyser Pedregosa

Honestly speaking I felt hesitated to join the giveaway the first time I read it, not because I don’t want to join but because shyness and awkward feelings overruled me and WHAT IF’S questions keeps bubbling in my head. What if I don’t won? Or the opposite around. What will I do?,  What will I wear?, what will I say to her? Etc. Etc. Etc. Only it takes a while that I decided to perk out the bubbles and have the courage to click the mouse, type my information using the keyboard and then published. In just a simple clicking which only takes a few minutes my dream has finally come true!
So imagine my reaction/face the moment I received the confirmation that I won. (around 11:45 pm Saturday) OMG! I really screamed out, I got panic and I couldn't help myself from excitement. I thick my heart stop a beat for a few seconds. Couldn't I consider myself Lucky? Yay!
(Sunday) and the moment I have been waiting for is finally arrived. I together with my friend Lea headed at the venue (McDo Sta.Ana) my heart beat so fast. I'm not sure of what I actually feel that time. I said to myself "This is it". The moment has finally arrived. (imagine it if the entrance has a red carpet in the center. then Photographers and paparazzi keeps on taking pictures? Could it be a grand entrance FOR US? Hehe )– sorry to be so imaginative. I just want this entry to be fun. Hehe
Going back, a few mins. Later Cheyser arrived at the venue. Finally I saw her in person up close and personal. I remember her saying the first time she saw me “hello, kasali ka rin? Welcome cge punta kana sa taas” her sweet voice and friendly smile mute me for seconds, and I keeps on telling Wow. Wow. Wow. It was really a surreal moment that time. Yay !

I guess pictures will do all the justice. So without further adieu here's what happen during the party...

we started the program through a games. The Cinderella game where we need to take off our shoes and hide it inside the box.- like Cinde' we need to look for the other pair of our shoes then wear it back again. but what is different from the fairy tale story of Cinde' in our game...? -we don't have a handsome price charming to look for our shoe. hehe .The second game is the "Buwaya Bayawak Game" where you can see at the photo above.

"Cheyser having Her welcome talk" -her voice so sweet and sexy 
Each one of us are asked to introduce our names, age, school, etc...
aside from her sweet and sexy voice. she also has the friendliest smile ever.
look at her. humbling herself to distribute our meals. sweet right? 

The lucky 15 winners. yay!
The event wouldn't be complete. without me having a picture with my Idol! haha

 I, cheyser, and katrina

 My friend Deo taking his moment with cheyser. unfortunately his not included in the party. his there at the venue to support me and of course to stalk with cheyser. hehe

the sweetest words from Cheyser. now i have more reasons why I should never stop blogging because of this message.
this photo is so cute. Imagine if Twitams is holding a phone on her left hand. this would be a perfect campaign poster for a cellphone brand. What do you think?

and that's it we had so much fun. I really enjoyed spending an afternoon to everyone. To Cheyser and to the rest of the gang, Co bloggers and readers to everyone thank you. I really found a new friend in you guys. and of course to Mcdo who gave me this on of a kind opportunity. This is definitely a memory worthy to be kept forever.
Thank you so much



  1. Looked like a really fun event! & I just found your blog & I love it! Following~


  2. That looks so fun that you got to go to something like this! Everyone looks great!



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