Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm such a supportive friend, that I needed to advertise my friend's Online shop- for free! I wasn't paid for doing this nor demanded and harassed to do this. It's all for purpose of love and friendship. - Corny I know!


trends for guys and gals.

 you can buy the items at a very affordable prices through TRENDS facebook page here. open to all Davao readers only.

The shop basically aims to promote fashion at a very low prices, because we, I personally believe that fashion is not a posh, it should not always mean to be Brand new. Sometimes it only takes creativity and acceptance to be a certified fashionista. Creative in terms of style and acceptance in terms of new trends that are "IN" in the market. You have to be open to new trends in order for you to follow what's in the bandwagon. Though we're not saying and demand you not to buy brand new, in which there's nothing wrong. unless you can afford.

What we aim here is to help people who are afraid to try and explore fashion at the same time giving them awareness on the latest trends in fashion what are you waiting for, order now and be on the trend!




  1. hey there! thanks for the kind words you gave me on my blog. :))

  2. Too bad I'm not from Davao. Anyhow, good luck to your friend's business.

    1. yeah! Bad actually,anyhow thank you for droppin by Prei:))


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