Saturday, May 19, 2012

Young-wild and Free (bonding)

@ Edong's Resto - dinner
photos photograph by : The waiter!
Maricris and Deo

xhermae and I
carissa ♥
brush up - say cheese 

Maricris - singing like there's no tomorrow 
MIC 1 KTV - moments
 the duets -
who's this? - not me! haha
the lyrics -
 so real happiness! 
give me a shot -

ZIGUDO BAR - Torres street

Last May 16th our dear friend Geohar visited Davao City before leaving to Europe – his been doing it every year probably every summer when his contract expires he always see to it that he will have at least 3 to 4 days vacation here in Davao. And every time his here we always let him feel  our warmed welcome and this is the only time that we gathered after a long years of not being together.
This year was one the most memorable one for me because the last time I wasn’t able to come (I missed the happenings! ) because of some unwanted life changing event  (haha)  so for this time I kept it sure that my presence is highly noticeable – this time around I will not missed any of the happenings  …

I will tell you the details in caption

☼ first we meet @ our fave place
 (what else is new- but Gmall this time @ Figaro the peak) 

☼after getting tired for taking pictures we went for an early dinner
 @ Edong’s Resto! Near Gmall 
(walking while going to the place) – again picture2x!

☼finally got into the place … 
while waiting for our food – chit chats! How are you questions are the topics – 
finally eating time! Yum

☼after taking dinner we went to MIC KTV bar – 
videoke session (much picture2x)

☼after spending an hour in the ktv bar which cost Php 125.00/hr. 
some decided to go home (few of us left including me)

☼undecided to go for  a gimik – so we go somewhere else.

☼the somewhere else mullet thing ended @ pepa park!
 (tired of walking lets seat please!)
 – reminiscing, talking of none sense stuff, laughing, running?? 
 they hide my shoes and throw it back and forth! (cute very high school) 

in times like this you will feel going back to the old times 
in times when your too immature of thing around you – no inhibitions in life! 
Freedom for yourself and selfless things occurs – ohhhhhh emo

☼anyway  to continue the story –
10pm and it is the perfect time to gimik! (party starts! Yeay)  

To be honest this is my first time to gimik! 
 but not first time to drink
 – I love the feelings, I feel free – I feel got out into my cage (awkward)
5 rounds of RH and I’m tipsy .

 I want more! But sad to say I have to go home! 
mom keeps on texting! (where the hell am I? haha) okay, enough for now 
– Exit frame !

-And lastly I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU guys 
for all your flattering words and loving support - 
since the moment I received the good news of being in the DEAN''s LISTER List you guys shown me GREAT love the fact that you are happy for me means so much to me. 
-♥love you all


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