Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The street of awkwardness

Denim vest & polo shirt top -(Thrift), Pants -(H&M used quite often), RED CATERPILLAR Shoes -(FOREVER 21) accessories (Tomliz thrift store)
Photograph by : Deo eloi Cui

Okay, one of the biggest frustrations i had in life was modeling (awkward) Ever since I started building up my wildest dreams and vague goals in life modeling is on top of the list,
but i know in myself i wasn't that qualified - first i don't have the looks, the personality and height
(this is to much! Hurt!!!) haha what I have is only the


and the ever dying believe in myself that I CAN! and no one can stop me. (Disclaimer: statement!)
and I always believe in a famous GAGA song and I Quote
 " I' beautiful in my way co'z God makes no mistake i'm on the right track baby

I guess we have our own different characteristics and uniqueness for each of us - as long as we are happy then no can can stop us. because at the end of the day no one can appreciate us except yourselves! - so do what you want, explore the world and always believe in yourself - have faith :)

- and this is what I did in my very first street photo shoot mullet- 
at first it was very awkward ,people are looking at you (tricycle driver, the passenger, a "stranger") but once you caught their attentions the self esteem i have fuel's up - then I don't bother anymore . Instead it motivates me to keeps me in the [run] to try different strokes of poses - but the mortal enemy of that day was the "AIR" so its not cooperating gosh  its so unmanageable, waiting for the air to blow was frustrating,
 MY hair -I spend 15 MINS just to do it then all of the sudden only air can destroy everything! - terrified! Haha but all in all  I had a blast -so much fun, ( glad I made it ).

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