Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party Rock


Khaki pants and blue top when combine will create a good combination – I never think of anything to paired up with a khaki except for blue and black. 

And who I am not to follow in the bandwagon!? 
– khaki is in trend now, HELLO?? haha

In my previous post I’ve been wearing khaki pants, and it is the same khaki that I’m wearing now I actually bought this from a thrift store and do a major repair on it and since then I love wearing it – comfy!

To be honest the outfit was actually copied or I say- was inspired  by Mr. Vhong Navarro.
 I don’t know if your fan of watching showtime  but at that time when I was watching the show 
I got the idea from vhong’s outfit. 
And this is what I applied in my outfit during the day

 Luckily I have a blue thrift top mullet –
so the idea was actually made possible! –and viola .



  1. love the outfit!!! :)
    mind if we follow each other? please let me know :)


  2. wow, that would be such a pleasure on my part to be followed, yeah sure i will follow you now and vice versa, thanks alot :)) GODBLESS


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