Friday, May 11, 2012

Denim All The Way

GOSH! I'm lovvin the bloggin I've been trying blogging since then but I kinda like have a short patience about it,maybe i wasn't that motivated enough to explore it, but  as of today I'm lovvin it thanks for the people who inspires me to try it (to drop some names are laureen uy, david guison, cheyser pedrogosa,camille co and the recent inspiration "aaron" and of course how could i forget the person who inspires me the most my "besh friend" deoeloi who gives me encouragement for all of these) haha this sound like an acknowledgement page in the book?? 

I went school today and this is what i wore-
 in my previous outfits i been wearing plain shirts and pants but to have some changes I decided to wear my old L - SLEEVE POLO SHIRT that i actually bought 2 year ago 
since then I did not wear it because I have a hard time looking for a pair for it good thing i bought this H&M DENIM pants recently, 
and come up a perfect combination of the two 


   this  L - Sleeve polo has its unique reversable style design inside
  If you noticed in my previous post I often used this bag with me but I've been using it handy, 
so for today I used it with a sling on it,
 -yes this bag has its dual purpose usage you can use it either handy or sling depending on your mood for the day
 plus it actually very comfy to use because the bag was actually made from leather... 


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