Friday, May 25, 2012

Mimic Gaga

Never missed a single day without doing nonsense stuff at night (sounds weird i know ) 
- but I'm happy doing it
  and these even become part of my hobbies, my mom always told me that I look so stupid, and crazy and every time she utter those words i always give her " May nakaka-lokong tawa" haha

-It was last Monday 21st of May when everyone is dying to protest LADY GAGA's monster ball concert because of her controversial JUDAS video that made the religious sectors and congregations expressed their refusal to Gaga's concert here in the country, and even tried to asked people to boycott the upcoming concert. - but these issue could not stop all the die hard fan and loyalest of gaga to buy tickets and watch the Pop Diva's perform live on stage 
- including me! 

To make things clear I wasn't  there in the concert, hello? the tickets are so expensive
 (I'm not that rich to afford it) but in the lieu of all of these my support was present, 

And as a sign to show my support , I tried to "mimic gaga" and since GAGA is known for her exaggerated, over dressed outfits. [and i was so sad because i don't have any of those] 

- but luckily because of my wildest imagination, I sighted a  trash bag which I made an 
Avant-garde COSTUME! haha Crazy right? 
AND I WAS SO HAPPY because  I come up [if not] half of the gaga's peg! - 
(shallow happiness)

and above all , Even if i wasn't there in the concert together with the thousands of fan's shouting and screaming  for gaga, I am still very happy for her, gaga indeed was an inspiration for all who appreciates her music and talent, we should not judge her and gave our fuss statement 

-because  behind those nasty videos are the real persona of a true talent, a girl once live by her dreams in the person of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta  also known as

- FIMP -

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