Saturday, January 05, 2013


6 days have passed already and I totally bid goodbye for 2012. Now I welcomed 2013 with full hopes and great positive outlook in life. Now I want to concentrate more on the things that made me happy and not on the things that will make me feel sad. I will Forget all the pains that the previous year have brought me and to people that caused me aches before. I’ve finally forgiven you.BTW! And to all people whom I shared a life sucking year 2012. Thank you from the bottom pit of my heart! Cheers for the next 359 days remaining of fun and whirlwind emotions.

I’ve been missing in action for a while and I missed myself put into words. Sounds cliché huh? Aside from having positive perspectives this year. What I also look forward is having my first ever new year’s resolutions!!! Take note first ever with 3 exclamations after. Laugh me for having these late on dream list resolutions. To be honest I’m not a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. To me creating a such is terrible! Okay, (caught me) I’m quite lying. I tried having a sort of resolutions back then when i was a bit younger but it didn’t really work. Maybe enough for weeks though but not for whole year. I guess creating it such was a bit useless (on my part!) but fun enough to excite me! hehe. Honestly I was a bit lousy to accomplish a such list! But I guess time has change. now that I’m 20 and already matured enough to handle life and all its sorts i think now is the right time to make changes and venture into something thrilling. Will it be big or small as long as there’s changes its fine. After all it’s just merely resolutions we are still the one responsible to accomplish it. NOT anyone but you!

Here are some of changes I want to accomplish this year.

First on the list is...

1.     To purchase a book and to read more!

2.     Earn money

it will be more advantageous on my part if i get a job through blogging. Ahem! any sponsor out there? haha

3.     Be thrifty!!!

4.     Write more. I mean blog often
will do my best! fingers cross*

5.     Lessen sugar intake. I’ll try!

6.     Buy 2 gadgets within a year.

Never too late to have them!

7.     Focus more on studies... lessen extracurricular activities such as gimmicks, parties etc.

Promise to go back on the Dean's Lister list this sem!

8.     Sleep more...

9.     Buy a lover! I mean find a lover. Haha ♥

There it is! My simple dream to do 2013 list nothing too impossible or fancy to attain, except for number 6.  I hope to accomplish everything.

looking forward for 2013!

To end this post here's a song from Bruno Mars entitled 
Today My Life Begins.Enjoy :)

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