Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer laidback

(oversized tee: thirfted, pants chinatown, espadrilles bought around sidewalk, dream cather from Baguio gift from a friend, 2 pieces bracelets Bomo) Photos by: Deo eloicui

I know this post is very late already but I’m giving it a heck now believing it’s still worth sharing. (Haha I hope so!)

This photo was taken way back summer of 2012 so before it will take its first Birthday here I’m releasing it now to you. See? Aren’t you also hate the thought of keeping back log photos over your draft? *sigh

I will no longer elaborate on what happen during the day I wore it, because honestly I forget everything already. Basically when its summer it is very evident that the sun is scorching hot in the morning which explains the wearing of light materials. In this case an oversized thrifted tee, a silk pants and a pair of espadrilles is a good source of comfort perfect for lazy-casual look which can be done in less than 5mins. 

Simple pieces+simple style= Good comfort

I hope your loving the look!

Ps: for those who are wondering why dyed my mane like this. I wonder it also. I can't explain but I know I look stupid! :)



  1. Nice look, dear!! Love the bracelet the most!!!!! Cool <3


    1. Aww...Thanks Gem! really appreciate the comment!


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