Friday, June 01, 2012

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 bought this for only Php. 150.00
 price at Php150.00 only

 xx Newest stuff to watch out for xx
very affordable comes in friendly prices, all are thrifted
deceiving right?? so don't you ever underestimate thrift items because they can over power your branded items.



  1. wow!! nice shoes.. love ko rin mag thrift shopping!!! especially dun sa may uyang and bankerohan!!!!! hahahaa.. FC rin ako :)

    by the way, I'm a new follower :) thanks for leaving some love on my blog :)

    p.s. join my giveaway :)


    1. haha, thanks sandra my new found friend?? -and i claim to be your friend tlaga, hehe finally i have two followers already, haha (shallow happiness)

      and pardon the jumbled on my blog, it look so weird actually, i just had to edit it i've been wanting to have a good header on my blog, unfortunately i cant have it, but im working on it, i will never loose hope! haha wow u loved thrift to? me? yes that is my addiction lately, haha really at uyangu? and bankerohan? i loved that place too, i hope we will meet someday how would it nice kung mangukay tang duha!!!! hahaha :)

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  3. nice shoes! great finds :)

    1. thanks verna, i really appreciate your comment, :) hehe would you mind if we follow each other?? let me know if you agreed or not :)

  4. Where did u get those awesome shoes???love it


  5. following u now Jc=)

    Hope to c u on my blog too.

    1. your comments was really so unexpected, thanks gabrielle for your kind words really appreciated... those shoes are all thrifted items, i just got them at the very low price, deceiving right? hehe and by the way thanks for following me, you dont even know how happy i am when i found out that you follow me, thanks alot :)

      and hey i just want you to know that i followed you too :)


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