Sunday, May 06, 2012

It was not my lucky day

for my very first entry my post was all about my day ( as usual) ...maybe I will call it a day of "UNEXPECTED" 

Earlier I went to church to attend mass out of expectation, little did i know that on this day I will see my crush back in elementary, it was quite long since the last time i saw him. and with all fairness he looks much pogi now, a cute charming boy i fell in love with -BEFORE! ...  
what's strange is that he is standing next to me so I couldn't concentrate well in the mass i know it sound so sinful but how could i manage being relax when awkward feelings are trying to disturb my concentrations. sadly it was still not my day he was with her girlfriend whom i know too, deep inside I was hurt. Looking at them was like a slap on my face. ouch! still had to accept my fate it was not the end of the world for me i had to move on right?? .... 

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