Sunday, February 09, 2014

Mismatched X Come back

I'm wearing: Culture Tee tiger print top, dark denim jeans from penshoppe, thifted booties, floral cardi department store.
Photographed by: Deo eloi Cui
Edited by: Ranz Tano

June of last year was the last published post I had, after that I’d became an alien in my own world blogsphere...
This post had been stocked in my draft for month's now, expecting to publish this right after we had our photo shoot with a very close friend of mine after not seeing him for the longest time, sort of a catch up and a photo shoot as well.

The advent for tiger prints and anything animal had been over and very last season already but in my case it just about to start, better late than sorry! 
Nothing's really spectacular in the outfit. Coming up in the ensemble wasn't planned, hence the catching up with friends. The not so creative side of me grabbed the least appropriate wardrobe from the bunch and wore them out. Sometimes expert commit mistakes also. LOL. Good thing I bought the Flower cardi with me and make it like a cape to add a little flair making the ensemble monochromatic (as it goes along with the dark jeans and booties) accidental situations without having intentions to. 

Advance Happy Valentines day every one. Till my next post! xx


  1. i like the combination of the sweather and your bomber jacket! very nice style

    Greets Jon,

  2. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  3. Looks great, love this sharing so much, thanks!



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