Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Six days to go, to be exact to hit 4months of inconsistent blog post. For such a long time I was out doing the usual thing, a thing that I once had been hooked up with. I prefer not to elaborate anymore the reasons of my long gone since it’s irrational. To tell you honestly I missed doing that thing and almost everyday I longed to be back from where I started. So let’s treat this day as my comeback hoping for your warm acceptance again.

For now this is the only thing I can leave to you. An OOTD I took during school washday a few weeks ago…

(Button Down- thifted, Pants- Dept, Watch- Mags)
Photos By: Deo Eloi Cui


  1. Nice outfit! so simple but style fly.
    I loved your post ;-)

    Check out my new post!


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