Saturday, September 01, 2012


 *blue pastel bottom down- crack farm, khaki pants- thrifted, suede shoes- thrifted, neon blue socks-, accessories- tomliz,

As much as I want to spread the news that I’m back on track, I hate the thought every time I remember that this is just a temporary update to cover up those days when I’m not updating this blog. Know why I’m gone? – I died! Haha joke only. Believe me for months that I’m not updating, I feel like dying. Blogging already became a part of my cells and other nerves inside my body. So when I’m not updating, every part of me died. -That’s how fascinated I am to blog. Haha so much for the O.A-ness. Here me again welcoming myself to blogsphere.  ( I think I deserve a clap!!!!)

 This is what I wore last Wednesday during washday’s peg! I told you before in my previous post Here that I took Wednesday as a perfect day to experiment and try ensemble-ing outfits from the normal style I have. And this outfit is perfect example for that. Speaking of “experimenting” this pastel blue bottom down shirt and the neon blue socks are two perfect ingredients of my experimentation.I have been envisioning wearing pastels on pastel for the longest time now, and finally I'd achieve what I have envisioned.

 It drizzle in the morning so I opted to wear a cardigan to cover up from the unnecessary wetness. Of course who would want to go to school looking very wet. Though this cardigan is made up of very light material. It actually saves me during the day of non stop drizzle. wearing light color such as pastels and neon's is the perfect way to cover-up yourself from the gloomy weather, but of course not too exaggerated.

 I also injected piles of accessories on both hands, with a touch of pastel colors of course to compliment everything. I love how the scorpion ring compliments my outfits. The blue details of the ring makes the entire look matching. I got obsessed with rings lately. i don't know why i got fascinated with them but every time i visit the store, i feel like their calling on me and i can't resist to buy one. I have more or less 25 pieces of rings inside my “mini” jewelry box. haha 

I've decided to wear a neon blue socks to add quirkiness of the look and to make the entire look is also a good combination with the suede shoes. speaking of the shoes, Would you believe? That I got this lovely suede shoes for only 130.00 pesos? – yes Hundred and Thirty pesos only. With big eyes and a drop of jaw. another latest thrift finds i got, cool right? aside from collecting various styles of rings i also been addicted lately in collecting shoes. I will post more of them SOON! 

 I'm with my friends that time, Deo on the gold shoes and Era on the right wearing her new purchased gold sandals. of course mine in the center. who do you think has the best footwear that day? Haha

Thanks to my friend Deo for accompanying me in taking the shots. he is also a fashion blogger you can visit his blog HERE. I'm not blessed with more heights so i have to stand in toes to reach his height, he is 5'9 and me is 5'2 - well' that's very unfair. haha 

that's it. what do you think about the look?

PS:  I will try my best to update this blog as often as possible. I hope you understand. 
-to end this post let me share to you a video that I am truly proud of. though i was not part of the video but this is something for me to be proud of. this video is a campaign video of our school entitled 
- I AM HOLY CROSS. hope you enjoy!


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