Saturday, July 07, 2012

D.I.Y 3rd Edition: Ombre Denim

Remember the promise that I told you more than a week ago in my 2nd D.I.Y project post? Well if you have been following my blog you know what I’m referring to and if after this you still don’t get what I’m trying to mean then it’s your work to find out. Haha kidding! 
Lemme refresh your falling memory. I have told there that I will be making another D.I.Y project and I call it my 3rd edition D.I.Y project specifically Ombre denim, YES! You read it clear and right another Denim project I'm not that obsessed in denim right?haha so be ready co'z it's coming on your screen in just a few seconds...
 in three, 
two, one!
 Tadaaa!!! as promise Here it is, lemme present to you the fruit of my labor, haha
Tada! the finish product! hope you like it
 I actually  finished it a long time ago but because of the busy schedules, school works and lazy day's to blame why this hiatus post was delayed!  Sorry to keep you all waiting. Haha
It took me 3 days to finish everything from the bleaching process up to dying process plus the drying under the heat of the sun so all in all it would take 3 days to done it, see? regardless of the busy schedule I still find ways to finished it because I don’t want to compromise you guys.
This is my denim before the "makeover" it looks like a rag right? Haha

 This is the actual result after the bleaching process! 
it took me 3 hours or less sorry I forgot to take the exact time but most likely it's 2-3 hours before I arrived with this kind of a result. because in this case I want to bleach it to the highest extent what I mean is to make it more whiter. but it will depend on your prerogative but I would suggest to soak it more longer co'z it looks good and the result are totally different when you bleach it a bit longer compare when you bleach it in a short period of time. I used a chlorine to bleach the denim, in this process a 5 pesos chlorine that can be bought at store somewhere in your neighborhood is enough for bleaching. you could also used the one in the bottle if you are that rich enough, but for my case I want a less expense on everything not because I'm cheap but I'm just being frugal "the lesser the better" haha. 

maybe you're wondering why I have this type of denim? well? it's not actually a boyish type of denim it's a girl cut type of denim but it's not totally so obvious right? it can be wear by both sexes. where I found it? I found it on a thrift store somewhere in the city. yes it's another thrift item that I bought. I love buying thrift items for the fact that it's cheaper  makes me crazy and not just because it's cheap but because it's actually very fashionable thrift items can also make a statement and stand out in the crowd like those branded ones. give you a short tip when buying it make sure of the quality of the item have your own strategy I mean "sales talk" always make a discount and most importantly always consider the price! 
 Going back to the topic, sorry to make"segway" haha the 3rd and last step and actually was the most difficult but "egzoiting" part of this project was the dying process. why I say so because in this process it requires a lot of focus and careful if you want a perfect result because nobody would want it to look messy once you soak the denim into the dye of mixture. but in my case I was so careless that is why the result are not so good as good as I want to. but nevertheless it still looks so fash! I used a color blue dye powder and add some salt in it. I'm not sure about the purpose of adding salt, but it's part of  the instruction so we need to follow. I chooses to dye the collar and dyed half of the denim it depends on how dark the bottom part you want to be. the longer it takes the darker the result, then after let it dry for 15 mins.
 and rinse it with cold water. rinse until there is no more color left in the water. then let it dry under the sun and you're done. so what do you think?

so that's how I make this third edition D.I.Y project stay tuned for more. 
Hope you enjoy! :)



  1. It looks great! Much better than before!

    1. Thanks dear! I hope you do liked it! stay tune for more, :)


  2. Great job! :) I'm your new follower :)

    1. thanks anna, I appreciate your comment. and by the way thanks for following me and liking my blog
      anyway I have visited yours and i find it cool, I;m one of your followers too :)

      xoxo jc

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  4. Nicely done. Ive been thingking of doing this but i never have the time to buy the materials. U did such a great job, im inspired!

    Xo, Carla

  5. WOW that looks great! :D Thanks for you comment on my blog! I am your newest follower on GFC as well as bloglovin, hope you can do the same for me! <3

    Cindy C.

  6. I want to do a DIY like this myself!


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